Anjon Manufacturing Ignite LED Rock Lights

Anjon Manufacturing


Anjon Ignite lighting adds the finishing touch to a Koi pond, water garden or waterfall! Place these lights in and around the pond to highlight key elements — waterfalls and fish hangouts — or to illumiate the edge of the pond for safety. Use multiple lights for dramatic effect!

Anjon Ignite Rock Lights feature natural-looking housing that makes it easy to hide among the rocks in your pond, stream or waterfall. The replaceable MR11 LED bulb is located in an easy-to-service watertight housing, making this light completely submersible. Each individual Rock Light is about 5.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" and features a 20' power cord and a socket for connecting another light (daisy-chaining). Requires transformer for operation.

5 year warranty on lights (bulbs not included), 2 years if submerged.

SKU UPC Code Description Wt
Add-On 1.5W Rock Light ONLY 4lb
602401440975 1.5W Rock Light with Photocell & 20W Transformer 4lb
3X1.5WRLKIT 602401440999 Set of (3) 1.5W Rock Lights with Photocell & 20W Transformer 14lb
602401440968 Add-On 3W Rock Light ONLY 4lb
602401440982 3W Rock Light with Remote, Photocell & 20W Transformer 4lb
3X3WRLCCKIT 602401441002 Set of (3) 3W Rock Lights with Remote, Photocell & 20W Transformer 14lb

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