Aqua Ultraviolet® Classic and Twist Series Replacement Parts

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A20008

These replacement parts and accessories are for various Aqua Ultraviolet® UV Sterilizer/Clarifier units. These replacement lamps, sleeves and accompanying parts are for the clarifier/sterilizer units themselves. For transformers and accessories, please see the additional listings below.

SKU UPC Code Description
A20008 617750200088 8 Watt UV Bulb
A10008 617750100081 8 Watt Quartz Sleeve
A20015 617750200156 15 Watt UV Bulb
A10015 617750100159 15 Watt Quartz Sleeve
A20025 617750200255 25 Watt UV Bulb
A10025 617750100258 25 Watt Quartz Sleeve
A20040 617750200408 40 Watt UV Bulb
A10040 617750100401 40 Watt Quartz Sleeve
A20057 617750200576 57 Watt UV Bulb
A10057 617750100579 57 Watt Quartz Sleeve
A40011 617750400112 Quartz Cap, Clear Blue with Ring
A40004 617750400044 Rubber Seal with Quartz Sleeve
A40012 617750400129 EZ Twist Top Assembly with O-Ring, White
A40014 617750400143 EZ Twist Top O-Ring ONLY
A40007 617750400075 EZ Twist Winterizing Cap
A40124 617750401249 Mounting Clip with Grip Hold
A40017 617750400174 Wiper Blade with Plastic "C" Clips
A40021 617750400211 Wiper Nut with Seal

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