Aqua Ultraviolet® SL Series Ultraviolet Bulbs and Quartz Sleeves

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A20100

These replacement parts and accessories are for Aqua Ultraviolet® SL Series UV Sterilizer/Clarifier units. These replacement lamps, sleeves and accompanying parts are for the clarifier/sterilizer units themselves. For transformers and accessories, please see the additional listings below.

SKU UPC Code Description
A20100 617750201009 100 Watt Ultraviolet Bulb / UV Lamp
A10100 617750101002 100 Watt Quartz Sleeve / Cover
A20200 617750202006 200 Watt Ultraviolet Bulb / UV Lamp
A10200 617750102009 200 Watt Quartz Sleeve / Cover
A40011 617750400112 Quartz Sleeve, Clear Blue with Ring
A40004 617750400044 Rubber Seal for Quartz Sleeve
A40012 617750400129 EZ Twist Top Assembly, White with O-Ring
A40014 617750400143 EZ Twist Top O-Ring
A40007 617750400075 EZ Twist Winterizing Cap
A40018 617750400181 Wiper Blade with 2 Sets of "C" Clips
A40021 617750400211 Wiper Nut with Seal

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