Aqua Ultraviolet® Advantage Series Parts and Accessories

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A30013

These replacement parts and accessories are for the Aqua Ultraviolet® Advantage Series UV Sterilizer/Clarifier units. Transformers, UV lamps (UV bulbs) and quartz sleeves (lamp covers) specific to the Advantage Series are available, as well as general accessories such as a transformer cap, Davis connector, lamp end connector, rubber seal for quartz sleeve, and quartz cap.

SKU UPC Code Description
A30013 617750300139 8 Watt Transformer
A30017 617750300177 15 Watt Transformer
A20006 617750200064 8 Watt Ultraviolet Bulb / UV Lamp
A20010 617750200101 15 Watt Ultraviolet Bulb / UV Lamp
A10003 617750100036 8 Watt Quartz Sleeve / Cover
A10004 617750100043 15 Watt Quartz Sleeve / Cover
A40113 617750401133 Transformer Cap, Black
A40002 617750400020 Lamp End Connector
A40011 617750400112 Quartz Cap, Clear Blue with Ring
A40004 617750400044 Rubber Seal for Quartz Sleeve

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