AquascapePRO® Pond Detoxifier Water Conditioner, Gallon


SKU: 30410

AquascapePRO® Pond Detoxifier makes tap water into pond water. Tap water (including well water) often contains chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, that damage the pond if left untreated. Pond Detoxifier eliminates chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and chelates heavy metals, making them safe for fish and plants and allowing for metals like iron to be used by pond plants as fertilizer.

  • 25% more concentrated than the consumer equivalent product
  • Included measuring cups and dosage guide makes application easy
  • Removes and detoxifies chlorine and neutralizes ammonia
  • Detoxifies and chelates copper and heavy metals
  • Protects and repairs fish mucous membrane (slime coat)
  • Contains Valerian to relax pond fish during cleanouts and transport
  • ​Each cup treats 6,000 gallons (Container treats 96,000 gallons)
  • UPC Code: 827807304106

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