Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Blox Water Matrices/Reservoirs

Atlantic Water Gardens


Atlantic’s proprietary Eco-Blox water matrix saves you time and money on all your rainwater harvesting, storm water management and Pond-free installations. With 96% void space, Eco-Blox reservoirs store large volumes of water easily and economically. Underground and out of sight, their enormous strength allows for landscaping right over the reservoir. Eco-Blox are comprised of two sizes of panels, a small panel size (14.5" x 16") and a large panel size (27" x 16").
  • Assembled Dimensions: 27"L x 16"W x 17.5"H
  • Capacity: 31.5 Gallons
  • 3X more water storage than traditional gravel basins
  • 8-panel construction for exceptional 14,000lb weight capacity
  • 1/2" x 3/4" hole size can be used with small gravel
  • Slide lock connection system
  • 1 year warranty

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