Pond Force™ Dechlorinator and Water Conditioner

Pond Force


Pond Force™ Dechlorinator is one of the most concentrated dechlorinators in the industry. This formula not only neutralizes chlorine in pond water, but also neutralizes chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals and buffers pH levels.

Municipal tap water frequently contains high levels of chlorine and heavy metals which, while fairly harmless to humans, is harmful and even deadly for fish! Even well water, largely free of chlorine, can contain unhealthy levels of heavy metals which must be removed to keep your fish healthy. The chemicals used to neutralize chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals can sometimes result in unhealthy pH swings, so Pond Force™ Dechlorinator includes pH buffers to mitigate these swings.

Each ounce treats up to 1000 gallons.

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