API® Pond Simply Clear® Water Clarifier

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

SKU: 248B

API® Pond Simply Clear® is a bacterial-based pond clarifier that quickly clears murky, cloudy water and keeps it clean and clear through natural bacterial action. This triple action formula acts fast: it clears pond water, consumes sludge and breaks down algae, offering a long term solution to un-clear pond water.

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248B 317163022481 16oz
248G 317163072486 32oz
248D 317163042489 64oz
248C 317163032480 128oz

Use Instructions
For initial dose at spring start-up and end of season, add 1 cup per 1000 gallons of pond water twice per week for 2 weeks. For maintenance dose during season, add 1/2 cup per 1000 gallons of pond water once every 2 weeks.

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