Pond Logs by Applied Polymer Systems

Applied Polymer Systems


APS Pond Logs® by Applied Polymer Systems can be used to remove turbidity and inanimate nutrients from the water to reduce aquatic toxicity. These slow-release flocculant products are designed to work in flowing conditions. As water moves over and around the Pond Logs, they slowly dissolve, releasing their components into the water column, where they causes excess inanimate nutrients (such as phosphorus) to bind together. As they bind together, the particulates get heavier and either settle to the bottom or are removed out by the pond filter. Can be installed above an aerator, under a floating fountain, on the steps of a waterfall — wherever water moves over and around the Pond Log.
  • Safe for fish, and will not change pH
  • Typically reduces phosphorus by 75-90%
SKU UPC Code Description Treats
APZ10 793573209047 Mini Pond Log 20,000-100,000 gallons
APZ25 793573209030 Large Pond Log 325,000-500,000 gallons

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