Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Filter Replacement UV Bulbs


SKU: 15615

These replacement UV lamps are ultraviolet bulbs for Pondmaster® Clearguard™ pressure filters. UV light helps control green water and enhances the cleaning action of any Clearguard™ pond filter (maximum of 2 UV lights can be placed in any Clearguard™ unit).

UPC Code Description Compatible with
15615 025033156159 9W UV Bulb Clearguard™ 2700 (#05610)
15625 025033156258 18W UV Bulb Clearguard™ 5500 (#05620)
Clearguard™ 8000 (#05630)
Clearguard™ 16000 (#05640)

These items have extremely limited availability 

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