Savio Livingponds® Waterfall Filter F100 and Versatile Filter F200


SKU: F100 & K2001

Savio Livingponds® Filters harness the natural dynamics of moving water. Their carefully engineered cylindrical design puts pond water into a self-cleaning, highly dynamic spin cycle. This process removes the heaviest debris before it gets to the filter media and ensures that the water is evenly distributed throughout the entire filter chamber. The net result is a filter that operates nearly 3x more effectively than inefficient square filters!

Livingponds® Filters come in two basic options: the Livingponds® Waterfall Filter F100 comes with 22" weir for placement at the top of the waterfall, and the Livingponds® Versatile Filter F200 comes without weir for placement up to 10' away from the waterfall lip. Both boast the following great features:
  • Modular design allows you to mix-and-match any two filters for better results. See table below for specifications on combined filters.
  • Round shape eliminates dead corners common to square filters, for much higher efficiency
  • Practical Garden Ponds includes the Optional Filter Bottom Drain for this filter. 
Model F100 F200
Description Waterfall Filter Versatile Filter
Maximum Pond Size (No Fish) 5000 gallons
Maximum Pond Size (Koi Pond) 2000 gallons
Maximum Flow Rate 5000gph 3000gph
Inlet Size 1.5" FPT
Drain Size 1.5" FPT
Outlet Size 22" Weir 2" FPT
Dimensions 23.4" x 22" x 30.5"

Combination F100 + F100 F100 + F200 F200 + F200
Maximum Water Feature 10,000 gallons 10,000 gallons 10,000 gallons
Maximum Flow Rate 10,000gph 10,000gph 3,000gph

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