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During the cold winter, Koi stop eating and live off their fat reserves, lowering their immune system. As the water begins to warm up, bacteria become active, and Koi can be in trouble. Keep your Koi strong all winter by heating your pond, keeping your Koi feeding consistently.

In the past, heating Koi ponds has meant running gas lines or propane lines out to the pond. Now with the ThermaKoi Heaters, you can have pond heating wherever you have electricity! Made of 316 stainless steel and utilizing highly accurate electronic thermostats, these units keep water temperature precisely controlled.
  • Installs easily and quickly; plumb in line with included 2" slip unions
  • Overload protected and built to last
  • Stainless Steel is lifetime warranted
  • Warranty on electrical and electronic parts is 1 year. 

A flow rate of at least 1200 gph is needed to keep the heater safety switch from shutting off the heater.  

While the Thermakoi heater can be installed outside, putting it in an area protected from direct sunlight and rain will make it last longer.   Do not put unit where sprinkler systems will spray up into the heater from underneath it.   

The ThermaKoi 1.5 Heater uses about 20 amps.  The ThermaKoi 6.0 uses about 26 amps.  Both sizes require a dedicated 30 amp circuit for safe effective operation.    

Model Wattage Max Pond Size Power Cord Type
ThermaKoi 1.5 1.5 kW 500 gallons 115V plug with GFCI
ThermaKoi 6 6 kW 6,000 gallons 230V hardwired with junction box

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