Clipper Broad Spectrum Herbicide, 5 Pounds



The newest chemistry to the aquatic market, this 51% Flumioxazin broad spectrum herbicide is very versatile and has been showing excellent results in aquatic environments on a variety of plants. Intended to provide aquatic plant managers with new treatment options at a time when herbicide resistance, variable response and environmental concern issues loom large. 
  • Fast, effective, and breaks down quickly in water, leaving no accumulation in the sediment
  • EPA registered herbicide is less of an environmental concern than many other herbicides
  • Ideal for duckweed, watermeal, Eurasian milfoil and water lettuce
  • Non corrosive, dry powder must be mixed with water to apply
Apply 1.1 pounds per acre-foot for duckweed/watermeal control. See label for other dosages.

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