Replacement Parts for Lifegard Aquatics AquaStep® Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer Modules

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R175267

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The following parts are available for the Lifegard Aquatics AquaStep® Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer Modules:

Item No.
(See Diagram)
Part No. Description of Replacement Part
1 R175267 Ballast Assembly 15W/25W, 115V
2 R175278 Ballast Assembly 15W/25W, 230V
3 R175235 Splash Boot
4 R175232 Female 4-Pin Connector
5 R175229DP 15 Watt UV Bulb
6 R175230DP 25 Watt UV Bulb
7 R175233 Quartz Sleeve 15W/25W
8 R175108 Compression Coupling
9 R175022X Quartz Sleeve Gasket
10 R270242 Mounting Bracket
11 R270229 Tension Spring
12 R01045 #6 x 1/2" Screw
13 R270222 Tension Retainer
14 R270248 3/4" MPT x 1/2" Barb Elbows
15 R270218 Plug
16 R270228 O-Rings for Plugs
17 R270247 1/2" ID x 4' Valve Tubing
18 R175163 Thread Seal Tape
19 R175013 Hose Clamps
20 R270244 Water Fall Assembly
21 R440252R Replacement Housing

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