Matala MiniFalls 11 Standalone Water Feature



The Matala MiniFalls 11 provides is a simple way to add a waterfall feature to a pond, which creates turbulence to increase the oxygen level and improves the pond appearance! The MiniFalls 11 is a standalone unit, which acts as a header tank and can easily be hidden behind rocks in the waterfall. Contains a green Matala filter pad and a mesh bag for gravel, carbon or other filter material.

  • Includes MiniFalls 11 box, green Matala pad, and mesh bag
  • Inlet is a universal hose adapter for 1", 1.25" or 1.5" tubing
  • Maximum flow is 1200gph
  • Dimensions - waterfall weir is inches wide a the front and tapers back to 10" wide in the back.  The distance from front to back is 6" and it is 7.5" tall.

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