Matala Pump Defender Pump Socks



Matala Pump Defenders are pump socks that protect your submersible water pumps from clogging with debris. The pump sits inside a basket of Matala media, which is then wrapped in a nylon bag with drawstring.
  • Protects against plugging, reducing maintenance and extending pump life
  • Creates large surface area
  • Designed to fit most brands
  • Drawstring keeps top closed
ID OD Height Filter Media Suitable Pumps
MPD-6 6" 10" 7.9" Green Matala G-2300
MPD-9 9" 13" 7.9" Green Matala All GeyserFlow or
Geyser Max-Flow
MPD-12-H 12" 16" 14.2" Green Matala G-4900, GM-6200,
All Geyser Hi-Flow
MPD-12-L 12" 16" 7.9" Green Matala

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