Microbe-Lift® Liquid Ammonia Remover



Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines rapidly and completely. This improved formula works immediately and will not interrupt biological filtration! Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to nontoxic ammonium, which is removed by the filter. Every ounce removes 1ppm of ammonia from 280 gallons of pond water.
  • Buffers help prevent drop in alkalinity and pH when removing ammonia
  • May be used at start-up, water changes or evaporated water replacement
  • Safe for use with ornamental fish or fish raised for human consumption
  • Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life
Do not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments. For total ammonia testing, use only salicylate-based (indole-phenol) tests; Nessler's ammonia test kits will give false, high (or off-scale) readings. For dissolved oxygen testing, use only indigo-carmine tests or DO meters; Winkler dissolved oxygen tests will give false, low or zero readings.

Application Rates
Each ounce treats up to 90 gallons.

SKU UPC Code Description Treatment Volume
AMRE16 097121202130 Ammonia Remover, 16oz 1,440 gallons
AMRE32 097121202147 Ammonia Remover, 32oz 2,880 gallons
AMREGAL 097121202154 Ammonia Remover, Gallon 11,520 gallons

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