Microbe-Lift® Pond Phosphate Remover



Microbe-Lift® Pond Phosphate Remover is the ultimate phosphate remover for fresh water, a polymeric blend with outstanding qualities. Pond Phosphate Remover includes the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate without negatively influencing the pond water in any way. This is incredibly important, as phosphate levels above 0.3ppm can be harmful for pond life. Phosphates are naturally caused by the decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter and excretion, so phosphate removal is a continual need.
  • Phosphate Remover will not harm fish or plants
  • Will temporarily cloud water
Each ounce treats up to 1,000 gallons. Each ounce removes 1.5ppm of phosphate per 100 gallons in the pond. Repeat dosage if the phosphate level remains high.

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