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Note: It is necessary to also replace the mechanical seal whenever a new motor or impeller is installed.

These replacement parts are for the ArtesianPRO pumps, which are high-quality durable, energy-efficient, self-priming pumps with high flow rates and minimal noise.

Freshwater Seal Kit includes:

  • (2) Drain plug O-rings
  • (1) Each: Lid, Diffuser, Bracket & Bracket Bore O-Rings
  • (1) 513 Freshwater Mechanical Seal
  • (1) Reverse Set Screw Washer

Saltwater Seal Kit includes:

  • (2) Drain plug O-rings
  • (1) Each: Lid, Diffuser, Bracket & Bracket Bore O-Rings
  • (1) 517 Saltwater Mechanical Seal
  • (1) Reverse Set Screw Washer
SKU Product Description

Artesian2 Wet End

Saltwater Kit

PVC Shaft Sleeve
MPE-16-115V 8' 115V Power Cord, 16 Gauge
MPE-12-115V 8' 115V Power Cord, 12 Gauge
APC-3-50 Clamp Ring for Volute
ALL-3-40 Lexan™ Lid for Volute
ABL-3-30 O-Ring for Lexan™ Lid
Strainer Basket for Volute
APV-3-10 Volute Housing, Polypropylene
APD-06 O-Ring for Diffuser Nose
APD-3-07 Diffuser Vane for #4-7 Impellers
APD-3-09 Diffuser High Volume Vane for #8-10 Impellers
DSS Diffuser Set Screw
ASI-09 Impeller Reverse Set Screw with Gasket
ANI-3-64.92 #6 Impeller for AP1/4-66 Pump
ANI-3-75.12 #7 Impeller for AP1/3-73 Pump
ANI-3-85.12 #8 Impeller for AP1/2-92 Pump
ANI-3-95.00 #9 Impeller for AP3/4-105 Pump
ANI-3-105.00 #10 Impeller for AP1-120 Pump
ANI-3-44.75 #4 Impeller for AP1-HH Pump
ANI-3-54.85 #5 Impeller for AP1-1/2-HH Pump
ANI-3-64.80 #6 Impeller for AP2-HH Pump
ANI-3-75.00 #7 Impeller for AP3-HH Pump
ANI-3-85.12 #8 Impeller for AP5-HH Pump
ANI-3-63.60 #6 Impeller for AP1/2-HH Pump
ANI-3-83.80 #8 Impeller for AP3/4-HF Pump
ANI-3-93.90 #9 Impeller for AP1-HF Pump
ANI-3-94.05 #9 Impeller for AP1-1/2-HF Pump
ANI-3-94.15 #9 Impeller for AP2-HF Pump
ANI-3-104.20 #10 Impeller for AP3-HF Pump
ANI-3-104.45 #10 Impeller for AP5-HF Pump
MPS-513 Standard Seal, 316 SS Carbon vs. Ceramic with Buna O-Ring
MPS-517 Saltwater Seal, PTFE Coated SS with SiC Faces and Buna Trim
APO-3-20 O-Ring for Bracket
Bracket Bore O-Ring
APS-3-30 Polypropylene Bracket
APF-3-10 Plastic Motor Base with Cradle
MPH-30 Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
MPF-3-200 S-Nut Assembly, Quick Connects with 2" Fittings
MPF-3-300 S-Nut Assembly, Quick Connects with 3" Fittings
PPD-10 Polypropylene Drain Plug with Buna O-Ring
A2-SK1 Freshwater Seal Kit
A2-SK1-S Saltwater Seal Kit

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