Authentic Oak Whiskey Barrel with or without Liner and Fountain


SKU: HalfBarrel

These are not plastic or resin imitations - they are REAL Oak Whisky Barrels cut in half and charred on the inside to flavor the whiskey.   

These barrels were used to age whiskey and now they are being repurposed into wonderfully simple barrel ponds, planters and can also be used as planters for large lotus plants or for creating container gardens.

Currently our Genuine Oak Whiskey Barrels are for Local Pickup ONLY.   We are working on shipping details.    In the meantime they are priced for local pickup only and no additional "local pickup discount" will be provided. 

Configurations Available:  

Refinished Half Whiskey Barrel ONLY - these may or may not hold water and do have black charring on the inside.  They may be used for a variety of decorative purchases.   

Refinished Half Whiskey Barrel with full liner with the liner extending out over most of the barrel's top rim. These will hold water and be very clean.  You may need to put fill beneath the barrel liner to give it strength and rigidity so that it does not hang from the rim.   These may be used for barrel ponds, planters, and container gardens. 

Refinished Half Whiskey Barrel with modified (trimmed) liner.   The liner sits firmly on the bottom and does not extend up and out over the barrel's top rim.  These will hold water and be very clean.  These will work very well for barrel ponds, planters, and container gardens.   

Refinished Half Whiskey Barrel with full or modified liner and simple fountain:   This barrel pond includes a PondMaster 02273 with a 190 gph fountain pump surrounded in sponge to keep the pump from clogging.    

Refinished Half Whiskey Barrel with full or modified liner and Filter with UV and Fountain:   This barrel pond includes an Anjon CC-1200 Filter with a UV light to prevent green water (Planktonic Algae) and a filter that will help keep the water clean.  This filter is overkill for this tiny barrel pond and takes up a significant amount of space in the bottom of the barrel.    The fountain has the ability to overpower the barrel size as well, but this is the smallest filter we know of that includes the important UV function to absolutely provide excellent water quality if with a few sensibly-sized fish in the barrel pond.  

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