The Pond Digger Dechlorinator Water Conditioner, Dry or Liquid

The Pond Digger

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If untreated, tap water contains dangerous levels of chlorine and heavy metal toxicity that can be deadly to pond life. The Pond Digger De-Chlorinator Water Conditioner neutralizes both chlorine and chloramines while also binding harmful and insoluble heavy metals that are common in tap water. De-Chlorinator contains natural, soothing botanical extracts to help fish adjust through times of increased stress, while also creating a safe environment for pond fish and other pond life including turtles, tadpoles, and aquatic plants.

Note: When used to neutralize chloramines, ensure that the pond has established biological filtration or follow treatment with a beneficial bacteria treatment to optimize surplus nutrient absorption. 

  • Great for water changes and adding water!
  • Immediate Fast Acting Results
  • Easy Pour Spout Dosing Bottle (Liquid De-Chlorinator Only)

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