EasyPro Pro-Series Just-A-Falls Kits with High-Strength Res-Cubes



EasyPro Just-A-Falls kits give you everything you need to build beautiful streams and waterfalls. You can have an amazing water feature — without the pond! These Just-A-Falls Kits come with Res-Cubes, reservoir cubes that reduce the amount of rock and reservoir size needed, making installation easier and faster. Get more water storage with a smaller reservoir, leaving more liner to build a longer stream! Kit includes:

  • 45 mil rubber liner and underlayment
  • High-Strength Res-Cubes waterfall blocks
  • Waterfall spillway
  • Pump vault and submersible pump
  • Check valve assembly and flex PVC pipe
  • WIK installation kit
Model Stream
Res-Cubes Reservoir
Vault Pump Pipe
7' 10x20 4 x HSC44
4' x 4' x 2' 18"
JAFM TH150 2" x 25'
JAF2HSC 11' 10x25 6 x HSC44 5' x 5' x 2' 34"
JAFM TH400 2" x 25'
JAF3HSC 22' 15x40 10 x HSC22
10 x HSC44
6' x 7' x 3' 50"
JAFV TM9500 3" x 33'
JAF4HSC 34' 20x50 16 x HSC22
16 x HSC44
8' x 9' x 3' 82"
JAFV TM13500 3" x 50'
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