Sequence® Basket Strainer (PF)


SKU: 24170488

Sequence® medium-duty PF model strainer baskets are versatile accessories for external pump. They function both as leaf baskets and priming pots, protecting external pumps from debris and providing them with water for priming. Both ports are 2" male thread, and unions come included to adapt to 2" slip.

  • PVC body
  • ABS plastic or stainless steel internal basket
  • Stainless steel clamps
  • Buna O-rings
Model 24170488 24170496
2" 2"
Body Color
12.25" Diameter x 15" High (Measured without Unions)

Note: Can be used as an inexpensive prefilter. Not as effective as an AquaSieve2 , AquaSieve SS, or MultiCyclone 50, but 6x better than a regular 90 ci leaf basket.

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