Savio Livingponds® 070 Waterfall Filter


SKU: F070

The Savio Livingponds® 070 Filter is the smallest Savio Livingponds® filter, for ponds up to 700 gallons. It can also be paired with a Savio Skimmerfilter® for ponds up to 2200 gallons. Keep your water clear with bio-mechanical filtration, while creating a beautiful waterfall! 
  • Includes two medium density filter pads and ceramic bio-media
  • Sturdy injection-molding body and grate for rocks or plants
  • Mechanical seal allows you to attach to liner without glue!
  • Biological media has 10 square feet of microbial surface area
  • 5 year warranty
Model F070
Description Livingpond® 070 Filter
Weir Size 16"
Inlet(s) (2) 3" Side-Facing Inlets
Maximum Pond Size 1500 gallons
Maximum Flow 3000gph
Dimensions 32.5" x 10" x 11"

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