Replacement Transformers for Savio UVinex™ Systems


SKU: RU116

These replacement transformers fit the available sizes of Savio UVinex™ ultraviolet clarifiers. 

  • Unplug unit from power source (internal reset takes 5-10 minutes to reset)
  • While unplugged, disassemble and check cord connection from bulb to plug by following the Savio Bulb Installation instructions (It is not as intuitive as you may think!)
  • Reassemble and plug back into outlet
A green indicator light should mean that your unit is working. A red indicator light may indicate a bad bulb or damage (cracks, condensation, etc.) or that the rubber piece behind the bulb has been dislodged due to improper installation. No light on transformer may mean that the transformer itself is damaged. Before purchasing a new transformer, check that the bulb is properly installed using the instructions.

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