Koi Kichi Pro Pond Nets, Mix-and-Match Handles and Nets

Iku Koi Kichi


Not interchangeable with Koi Kichi Economy series components

Koi Kichi PRO nets are perfect for any pond, and come with mix-and-match nets and handles. Pair any Koi Kichi Pro net with any Koi Kichi Pro handle for even more versatile options!

Handle Option (Nets Not Included)

  • KKNET400 - Telescoping handle (Up to 116" length)
Net Options (Handles Not Included)
  • KKNET416 - 24" Diameter Round Show Net (Shallow)
  • KKNET480 - 24" Diameter Round Show Net - Rubber Mesh (Shallow)
  • KKNET425 - 30" Diameter Round Show Net (Shallow)
  • KKNET490 - 30" Diameter Round Show Net - Rubber Mesh (Shallow)
  • KKNET424 - 18" x 16" Trapezoidal Fish Net - Rubber Mesh (Deeper)
  • KKNET446 - 20" x 16" Trapezoidal Sludge / Skimmer Net - Rubber Mesh (Deeper)

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