Oase SwimSkim Floating Skimmer


SKU: 50040

Surface skimmers remove leaves and debris from the water surface, preventing debris from sinking to the bottom of the pond and affecting water quality. The Oase SwimSkim floating skimmer is ideal for retrofitting, as it requires no separate pump and no installation. Just drop it in the pond and plug it in! It automatically adjusts to any water level (minimum depth 16") and the integrated aerator oxygenates the pond.

  • Draws debris from the surface for a prettier, healthier pond
  • Improves water quality through water circulation and aeration
  • Coverage of up to 270 sq. ft. at minimum depth of 16"
  • No need to cut liner or modify shore line!
  • Maximum flow rate of 800gph
Product SKU 50040
UPC Code 706759500401
Description SwimSkim Floating Skimmer


Please view the video below, as there is important information regarding installation:

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