Hailea T Series Pond and Water Feature Pumps by Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond

SKU: T5000

Hailea T Series Pond Pumps offer flow rates from 1270gph-7660gph at an extremely attractive price that is hard to beat!

  • Aluminum and ceramic shaft for long life, even in continuous duty
  • Ideal for pond aeration, filter systems or water features
  • Can be used in submersible or in-line applications
  • Vortex impeller handles solids up to 0.2"
  • Integral thermal shut-off
  • Made in China
  • 1 year warranty

Features 1.5" MPT inlet with optional front screen for submersible applications. Features 1.5" MPT outlet with 1" and 1.25" barb adapters and swivel ball adapter.

PGP Note
These pumps are very attractively priced. As such, it is no surprise that they are not quite as robust as some other pump brands. Having said that, for any application where a horizontal pump can be used, these water pumps are reliable and carry many features at a low price.

Model Flow Rate Max 
Wattage Weight Dimensions
T5000 1270gph 7.2' 60W 7.9lb 14.1" x 5.3" x 6.4"
T8000 2060gph 11.5' 80W 8.2lb
T10000 2640gph 13.8' 135W 8.6lb
T15000 4000gph 16.1' 210W 10.6lb 15.8" x 6.5" x 6.5"
T20000 5040gph 20.7' 318W 11.7lb
T23000 6070gph 25.6' 520W 11.7lb
T25000 6600gph 26.9' 620W 12.8lb
T30000 7660gph 27' 660W 12.8lb

Note: The screen can be taken off of the front of the pumps, and it can be used as in-line pump instead of submersible pumps. Minimum height is 12", since the water outlet is on the top of the pump.


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