API® Fish Pond Spring Start Up Bundle: Master Test Kit, MelaFix, PimaFix & Stress Coat

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

SKU: 999C

The API® Spring Start Up Bundle is the perfect all-in-one fish care solution for any pond — helping prevent disease and keeping your fish healthy! For over 50 years, API® has helped pond owners keep their ponds in peak condition. This convenient package contains the following products:

Pond Master Test Kit (164M)
This water quality test kit helps you keep your pond chemistry where it should be, which lowers stress, promotes health, discourages spread of disease and contributes to overall wellness for your pond! 

Pond MelaFix, 64 Ounces (176C)
This antibacterial product uses natural tea tree (Melaleuca) extracts to treat ulcers, open wounds, fin rot, and tail rot. Healing and tissue re-growth can often be seen within 4 days of treatment! Use when adding new fish to reduce risk of disease outbreak.

Pond PimaFix, 64 Ounces (178C)
This antifungal product uses natural West Indian Bay Tree extracts to treat fungal and bacterial infections on fish bodies and fins, especially Koi and goldfish. Treats splotchy or cottony skin fungus, mouth fungus, and reddening of fins or body. Promotes healing from disease as well as disease prevention.

Pond Stress Coat, 1 Gallon (140C)
This water conditioner reduces fish stress by up to 40%, which in turn reduces susceptibility to disease and infection. A happy fish is a healthy fish!

PDF IconTest Kit Manual    PDF IconMelafix Manual    PDF IconPimafix Manual

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