Complete Aquatics Professional Waterfall Foam Kit with Foam & Gun Applicator

Complete Aquatics

SKU: IT04027

The Complete Aquatics Pro-Foam Gun Kits include everything needed for professional-grade foam application. Kit Includes:
  • Foam Applicator Gun, either Todol Pur Shooter or Pageris ECO
  • (3) 32 Ounce Pro Foam
  • 20 Ounce Gun Cleaner
  • Carrying Case
​Professional Waterfall Foam Gun
This new high-quality gun applicator allows you to put every last bead of foam just where you want it. Adjustment knob for bead size and for precise flow control. The Pageris ECO is an economical, durable Teflon-coated adaptor, while the more inexpensive Pur Shooter gun is constructed only of heavy duty stainless steel.

Professional Black Waterfall Foam
Designed exclusively for the pond builder professional, this foam dries black making it easy to camouflage. Works like concrete but never cracks. Use with the Pageris ECO or Pur Shooter. 

Foam Gun Cleaner
Use to remove uncured foam on surfaces and to flush the foam gun to ensure its optimal operation. If not cleaned when wet, most waterfall foam becomes extremely hard (even impossible) to remove once dried.

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