EasyPro Eco-Series Spillways



These one-piece waterfall spillways are ideal for creating pondless style water features. While the CF12E features a single inlet, most models feature dual inlets for easy plumbing into either end. A plug is included to block the unused side (although both may be used). A 4" diffuser tube lays across the bottom of the spillway between the inlet fittings, so water enters from one or both sides and spreads out evenly across width of spillway, creating a smooth waterfall. Gravel can be used to fill the inside of the spillway creating a natural, even looking waterfall. 
  • CF12E has one centered 1-1/2" inlet (pre-installed)
  • Other models have dual inlets 2" spinwelds (pre-installed)
  • Roto-molded for excellent strength
SKU Descriptions Flow Rate Dimensions (L x W x H) Inlet(s)
CF12E 12" Spillway 2000-4000gph 16.5" x 13" x 9" 1.5" (Centered)
CF18E 18" Spillway 3000-6000gph 22" x 14.5" x 13.5" 2" (Both Ends)
CF23E 23" Spillway 4000-7500gph 27.75" x 14.5" x 13.5" 2" (Both Ends)
CF34E 34" Spillway 6000-11000gph 37.25" x 14.5" x 13.5" 2" (Both Ends)
CF48E 48" Spillway 8000-15000gph 52.5" x 14.5" x 13.5" 2" (Both Ends)

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