Acrylic Sheer Falls - Available in 5 Sizes and 3 Lighting Options

Water Landscape Supply

SKU: Inventory SEG5010

These acrylic sheer falls feature a 5" weir lip for increased visibility and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • May be used with chlorinated water, such as swimming pools and spas
  • Optional blue or white LED strips install in separate tube behind water flow
Model # Description Actual
Flow Rate
SEG5010 12" Acrylic Sheer Falls 11.81" 1000gph 1.25"
SEG5020 24" Acrylic Sheer Falls 23.62" 1500gph 1.25"
SEG5030 36" Acrylic Sheer Falls 35.43" 2200gph 1.25"
SEG5040 48" Acrylic Sheer Falls 47.24" 3000gph 1.25"
SEG5050 60" Acrylic Sheer Falls 59.06" 3750gph 1.25"

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