Airmax® Diffuser Plates and Diffuser Sticks for KoiAir™ Aeration Systems

Airmax Ecosystems

SKU: 520401

Diffuser Plate Assembly
Each Airmax KoiAir™ diffuser plate utilizes a sturdy base plate and 1-piece weighted distribution block. The distribution block incorporates a 3/8" barbed inlet for quick hook-up to Airmax® EasySet™ airline (or any other 3/8" airline) while providing threaded female outlets to accommodate membrane diffuser sticks. The KoiAir™ Mini Diffuser Plate (#520401) includes 1 diffuser stick, and the standard KoiAir™ Diffuser Plate (#160184) includes 2 diffuser sticks. Both include check valve.

Part # UPC Code Description
520401 813166020146 KoiAir™ Single Stick Plate
160184 811262010702 KoiAir™ Dual Stick Plate

Membrane Stick Diffusers
Designed to improve oxygen absorption, Airmax® diffuser membranes deliver all of the performance of air stone diffusers without the hassles of replacing cracked stones or frequent cleanings due to debris accumulations. Virtually maintenance-free, membrane diffuser sticks resist clogging and their flexibility eliminates the possibilities of cracking and leaking.

Part # UPC Code Description
510168 811262013963 Membrane Stick Diffuser

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