Airmax® KoiAir™ Aeration System Replacement Parts

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SKU: 120910

KoiAir™ Aeration Kits provide powerful aeration to even the largest water gardens and features. Designed as a complete aeration solution, the KoiAir™ contains everything you need to introduce aeration to large water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation. Replacement parts include air compressors, diaphragm assembly kits, and air filters.

SKU UPC Code Description
120910 811262010863 0.8 CFM Compressor, KoiAir™ 1
120911 811262010870 1.7 CFM Compressor, KoiAir™ 2
510145 811262013970 Diaphragm Assembly Kit, KoiAir™ 1
510146 811262013987 Diaphragm Assembly Kit, KoiAir™ 2
510153 811262014021 Replacement Air Filter, KoiAir™ 1
510149 811262014014 Replacement Air Filter, KoiAir™ 2


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