Airmax® SolarSeries Pond Aeration System — Battery Backup

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The Airmax® SolarSeries Aeration System is powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 2 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely-shaped ponds. It is effective, efficient, quiet, and easy to install! The Battery Backup system stores energy during the day and powers aeration at night, allowing continuous 24-hour operation. Made in the USA.

Solar Panels
The Airmax SolarSeries solar panel setup is simple and effective. Two American-made solar panels deliver high output for optimal performance year-round and even with cloud cover. The EasyMount system is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight, arriving preassembled for simple installation. Panels are backed by a limited 25-year warranty.

Battery Backup Solar Aerator
This SolarSeries solar aerator has a 24-volt DC compressor housed in a tamper-proof, lockable, powder-coated aluminum cabinet backed by a 10-year warranty. Battery backup systems can run 24 hours per day, even in low light conditions. This helps oxygenate the water during the summer months and facilitates gas exchange during the winter months. A Bluetooth-integrated smart controller allows you to monitor run-time and charging status from your phone. A two-port manifold allows you to manage airflow to each of the two diffusers. Compressor, electrical components, and mounting hardware are backed by a 3-year warranty.

EasySet™ Airline and ProAir™ 2 Diffuser
Air is delivered by EasySet™ Airline (which is resistant to rips and tears and is weighted to stay submerged) to the virtually maintenance-free ProAir™ 2 Weighted Diffuser (which has an innovative sled design that maintains an upright position). The high-efficiency, low-maintenance membrane sticks release air into the water column. Each diffuser also has an integrated check valve to protect the compressor from back pressure. Airline and diffusers are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Everything included except mounting pole. Obtain a Schedule 40 galvanized steel pole at your local hardware store. Should be 2.5" DIA and at least 10' long.

Contact us with the address of your pond or lake, and we will provide a recommendation for you!

Why Should you Aerate Your Pond?
  • Aeration is an efficient, inexpensive way to significantly expand circulation and dramatically increase dissolved oxygen levels
  • This results in increased beneficial bacteria colonization in your pond: reducing muck, improving water quality, and lowering maintenance!
  • Resulting higher oxygen levels make your fish more active and energetic, and can help prevent fish death during stressful conditions
Model Number SS20-BB
Pond Size
Up to 2 Acres
Water Depth
Up to 20' Deep
Running Time
Up to 24 Hours
SilentAir Compressor 24V DC
Up to 2 CFM / 55 LPM
Solar Panel
Monocrystalline (60 Cell)
68.8"W x 41.5"L x 1.6"H
Powder-Coated Aluminum with Composite Base
30.25"W x 28.75"H x 21"D
Noise Level
45-50 dB (Measured 5' away)
Warranty 10 Years for Cabinet
3 Years for Compressor and Hardware
5 Years for Airline and Diffusers
Limited 25 Years for Solar Panels

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