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The Airmax® SolarSeries Fountain creates a beautiful pond or lake display with no need for electricity and zero operating costs! It is best suited for ponds up to 1/2 acre, providing aeration for ponds up to 6-8 feet deep. This solar-powered fountain will fluctuate in flowrate as the sunlight changes, creating a vibrant display.

Solar Panels
The Airmax SolarSeries solar panel setup is simple and effective. Four American-made solar panels deliver high output for optimal performance year-round, even with cloud cover. The EasyMount system is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight, arriving preassembled for simple installation. Panels are backed by a limited 25-year warranty.

Motor and Hardware
This oil-free motor boasts a cooling shroud that ensures maximum motor life and durability while reducing maintenance costs. The intake screen helps prevent clogging to facilitate an uninterrupted, lively display. Power cords feature a stainless-steel strain relief and underwater quick disconnect, preventing damage to the power cord if it is snagged or pulled. In areas where nuisance wildlife can cause power cord damage, consider adding the PolyFlex cord wrap or stainless-steel cord protection. A direct drive controller monitors incoming solar power and includes an external shut-off switch for added safety. Electrical components and mounting hardware are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Display Patterns
The SolarSeries includes three different fountain nozzles. The beloved Classic Spray Pattern nozzle comes pre-installed. If you prefer a different design, simply switch it out for the Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern or Trumpet Spray Pattern.

Everything included except mounting poles. Obtain two Schedule 40 galvanized steel poles at your local hardware store. Each should be 2.5" DIA and at least 10' long.

SolarSeries Fountain Specifications
Pond Size
Up to 1 Acre (Ideal for 1/2 Acre)
Operating Depth
3' Minimum Water Depth
Included Components (4) Solar Panels, (2) EasyMount Systems,
Power Unit, Disconnect Switch, Controller,
Power Cord, Float, (3) Fountain Nozzles
Classic Display Size Up to 7.5'H x 18'W
Crown & Trumpet
Display Size
Crown: Up to 4.5'H x 32'W
Trumpet: Up to 9.5'H x 6'W
Trumpet Display Size Up to 14'H x 5.5'W
Solar Panel
Monocrystalline (60 Cell)
68.8"W x 41.5"L x 1.6"H
Water-Cooled, Continuous Duty
Stainless Steel Motor
Warranty 10 Years for Cabinet
3 Years for Compressor and Hardware
5 Years for Airline and Diffusers
Limited 25 Years for Solar Panels

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