Airmax® TrueRock™ Flat Covers Rocks

Airmax Ecosystems

SKU: 510402-G

  • Most realistic faux rock on the market
  • Covers valuable hardware
  • Disguises unsightly blemishes
The most realistic faux rocks on the market, the TrueRock™ makes a great addition to any pond landscape. With its weather-proof textured finish and rock-hard construction the TrueRock™ is not only a viable décor item, but a protective cover as well.

Texture molded and colored to look exactly like real rocks and stones, the TrueRock™ will blend right in to your pond landscape, even when placed amongst real stones! The beauty and durability of the TrueRock™ make it not only a great protective cover but an attractive landscaping tool as well.

Protect unsightly yard blemishes and valuable pond equipment with the TrueRock™. Constructed from rugged fiberglass materials, TrueRock™ Faux Rock Covers not only look like a rock – they are as strong as one too! Because of the flat shape of the TrueRock™, it is best suited for waterfall boxes, skimmers, and other items that are either flat on top or are partially or completely buried.

SKU UPC Code Size Color Dimensions Weight
510402-G 811262013727 Small Greystone 30"L x 23"W x 3"H 11lb
510402-S 811262013734 Sandstone
510400-G 811262013680 Medium Greystone 32"L x 26"W x 4"H 14lb
510400-S 811262013697 Sandstone
510401-G 811262013703 Large Greystone 42"L x 36"W x 5"H 29lb
510401-S 811262013710 Sandstone

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