Algone Water Treatment - Aquarium Water Conditioner


SKU: AGN010018

Algone protects and enhances bio-availability of trace elements, assimilates organic and inorganic pollutants and toxins, energizes microbial activity, corrects nutrient imbalances, breaks down carbohydrates, protein, fat and other water pollutants, and restores the chemical and biological balance of the aquarium. Algone enhances the environment of nitrifying bacteria and promotes a higher dissolved oxygen content in the aquarium.

  • Clears cloudy water and polishes water
  • Removes harmful nitrate, ammonia and nitrite
  • Restores healthy aquarium balance
  • Controls nutrients for improved aquarium health
  • Safe for fish, plants, algae eaters, snails, coral, polyps, and invertebrates
  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums
SKU UPC Code Description Pouches Treats Up To
AGN010018 666372010018 Algone for 5-110 Gallon Tanks 6 330 gallons
AGN010025 666372010025 Algone for 110+ Gallon Tanks 6 1200 gallons

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