ALITA® Metallic 5/8" Multi-Output Air Manifolds with 3/16" Valves



ALITA® Metallic Multi-Output Air Manifolds are of durable, solid construction with a corrosion-resistant electroplated finish. Each of the 8 or 12 outputs is separately controlled, allowing you to turn each one off or on individually. These manifolds fit onto ALITA® air pumps with the use of a 5/8" L-tube or straight tube, or onto any 5/8" flexible vinyl tubing (hose clamps recommended). Each valve accepts 3/16" airline tubing, perfect for any air diffusers with 3/16" barbed fitting (including ALITA® disc or ball airstones).

SKU Description Compatible Air Pumps*
AD-8 8-Valve Manifold Alita AL-60 or smaller
AD-8C 8-Valve Manifold with L-Tube
AD-12 12-Valve Manifold Alita AL-80 or smaller
AD-12C 12-Valve Manifold with L-Tube


NOTE: L-Tubes should only be used on AL-80 or smaller pumps. To avoid excessive restrictions that may damage large air pumps, use straight tube for AL-100 or larger pumps.

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