EasyPro All-In-One Pond Package



The EasyPro All-in-One Pond Package combines the four most popular water treatments needed for a new pond start-up into one easy package. Includes four 16 ounce bottles, one each of Water Clarifier, Water Conditioner, All-Season Bacteria and Liquid Barley Extract. Treats up to an 8000 gallon pond.

All-Season Bacteria
Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, and sludge. Effective results without the smell. Works in water temperatures down to 45° F, allowing one product to work in Spring, Summer and Fall. Improves water clarity, maintains a healthy, balanced ecosystem and reduces pond maintenance.

Barley Straw Extract
All-natural liquid formula releases humic acids. Works faster and is easier to use than barley bales or messy pellets. Seeded with bacteria to ensure results. Keeps water clean and clear

Water Conditioner
Safely neutralize chlorine, destroy chloramines, and binds and detoxifies heavy metals that exist in common municipal tap water. One of the most concentrated water conditioners on the market today, taking harmful tap water and turning it into useful pond water!

Water Clarifier
Clears murky water fast by attracting suspended particles together allowing them to settle out of the water column. This food-grade formula is best when used with EasyPro Pond Bacteria.

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