ALITA® EPDM Flexible Membrane Diffuser Discs (DFA7, DFA9, DFA11)



The ALITA® EPDM Flexible Membrane Diffuser Discs are fine pore diffusers engineered for superior product life, operational flexibility and maximum oxygen transfer efficiency. These units are ideally suited for continuous or on/off applications and require minimal maintenance for long-term efficient performance.

  • Triple check valve against backflow prevents entry of solids/liquids into piping
  • Resistant to fouling or plugging, allowing for high oxygen transfer rates
  • Precision die-cut openings for uniform air release and low pressure use
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction for long life


Each diffuser has a 3/4" MPT connector, which can be used to attach to any diffuser mount with a 3/4" FPT connection.

The Universal Diffuser Mount allows you to install these diffusers on any piping (PVC, ABS, metal, etc.) ranging from 2" to 8". Installation of the Universal Diffuser Mount involves drilled a 1.25" hole, de-burring the hole, installing the UDM (with or without glue) and screwing the diffuser into the mount. Not for use with sidewall mounts.

Model Nominal
Overall Diameter Active Surface Area Max Airflow Design
DFA7 7" 9.0" (229mm) 0.26 sq. ft. (221cm2) 3.0 cfm 0.5-2.5 cfm 1.2lb (0.5kg)
DFA9 9" 10.9" (280mm) 0.4 sq. ft. (381cm2) 6.0 cfm 0.5-4.0 cfm 1.5lb (0.7kg)
DFA11 11" 13" (334mm) 0.66 sq. ft. (610cm2) 10.0 cfm 1.0-8.0 cfm 2.5lb (1.1kg)

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