ALITA® Silicone Membrane Diffuser Tubes


SKU: ST-150

The ALITA® Silicone Membrane Diffuser Tubes are an extremely effective air diffusing media. With a diameter of 28mm (approximately 1.1 inch), these tubes accept a connection of 1/2" FPT.

Maximum recommended air flow:

- on 6" diffuser 20 liters per minute

- on 12" diffuser 40 liters per minute

- on 18" diffuser 80 liters per minute 

Model Effective (Diffusing) Length Overall Length
ST-150 150mm (5.9") 210mm (8.3")
ST-300 300mm (11.8") 360mm (14.2")
ST-600 600mm (23.6") 660mm (28.3")

ST-100, ST100, ST-150, ST150, ST-200, ST200, ST-250, ST250, ST-300, ST300, ST-600, ST600

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