Giant Hybrid Lighthouse Storage Sheds with 20 Square Feet of Storage!

Beaver Dam Woodworks


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Like all of our other high quality Amish-made lighthouses, these are hand-crafted here in Pennsylvania and are well-built, romantic lighthouses with not only a bit of nostalgia but also a functioning light. Unlike the other lighthouses, these giant lighthouses have a working, lockable door and are 72" across at the bottom — creating a useful, discreet storage space of 20 square feet. This is perfect for fishing gear, boat paddles, life jackets, pond aeration equipment, lawn chairs, tiki torches, and just about anything else you want to have easily accessible down by the lake or pond! Giant lighthouses comes standard with a 50 Watt corded light, but can be outfitted with a revolving beacon light for that extra touch of realism.

  • Top and bottom are made of eco-friendly recycled poly that doesn't fade, crack, or split! Since the top and bottom are usually the quickest to wear out on a wooden lighthouse, the poly base and top work for long-term durability.
  • The middle is constructed of signboard grade plywood, which allows for more versatility in the patterns used. This means that the full catalog of standard or replica designs is available!
Lighthouse Model* Price Before Shipping
17' Basic Hybrid Model (No Large Access Door or Bell) $5,999
17' Deluxe Hybrid Model (As Pictured) $6,499
17' Basic All-Poly Model (No Large Access Door or Bell) $12,499
17' Deluxe All-Poly Model (With Access Door and Bell) $13,499
24' Deluxe All-Poly Model (With Man-Door and Bell) 16799.00

*Custom creation in 20' or 30' height also possible

Lighthouses are custom built after purchase and currently have an estimated 3 month production time.

Cost varies dramatically by destination. Contact us with your zip code for a custom price quote.

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