Anjon Manufacturing Big Frog™ Eco-Drive™ Waterfall Pumps

Anjon Manufacturing

SKU: BFED-3000

Durable and reliable, Big Frog pumps are high flow, energy-efficient hybrid drive pumps engineered for 24-hour continuous use. The Big Frog Eco-Drive™ Pumps are specifically designed for low-head applications, such as those found commonly in the majority of ponds. For heavier duty applications, please see the Big Frog Stainless Steel Pumps.

  • Oil-free pump promotes clean water and is safe for fish and aquatic life
  • Removable guard covers pump inlet, protecting aquatic life from harm
  • Overload sensor prevents pump overheating and burnout
  • High-quality seals protect pump parts for long life
  • Can handle solids up to 1.25" in size
  • Protected by a 2 Year Warranty
SKU Power Usage Max Flow Max Head Outlet Dimensions Wt
BFED-3000 300 Watts 3200gph 22' 2" 9"L x 6"W
x 14"H
BFED-4200 460 Watts 4200gph 29' 2" 15lb
BFED-5500 540 Watts 5500gph 32' 2" 16lb
BFED-6500 620 Watts 6500gph 32' 2" 17lb
BFED-15000 624 Watts 15,000gph 15'

3" SPT

4" FPT

9"L x 7.5"W
x 18"H

Note: Because these pumps are asynchronous, sizes excluding the BFED15,000 may be used with the Anjon VAC15A Variable Speed Controller. Asynchronous motors adjust to the electrical current that is given to them so that in addition to the obvious advantage of being able to adjust the pump's flow to suit your requirements you can save power, increase the pump's lifespan, reduce maintenance, and create a "soft start".

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