Anjon Manufacturing 1.5" Bio-Balls Biological Filter Media

Anjon Manufacturing


Anjon BioBalls are small plastic balls mainly used as the biological media for beneficial bacteria colonies in the pond. These little plastic bio balls have an enormous amount of surface area for the growth of bacteria for biological filtration. There are approximately 2000 BioBalls total in a 2.7 cubic foot box (80 BioBalls per gallon). They are really easy to use: simple place into a mesh bag and drop into the pond filter!
  • Extremely durable, lightweight BioBalls are easy to clean and reduce channeling
  • Each BioBall is 1.5" in diameter with approximately 25 square inches of surface area
Note: Do not clean the BioBalls once they have established beneficial bacteria growth, or you will risk killing these bacteria, which are necessary for biological filtration.

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