Anjon Manufacturing Ignite 12V Remote-Controlled Color-Changing LED Lights

Anjon Manufacturing


Ignite Pond Lights are the perfect way to turn your already scenic and natural outdoor setting into a glowing, sculpture of warmth and elegance. Ignite offers a fully customizable, line of outdoor lighting supplies. These oil-rubbed bronze lights have a built-in T-connector for easily expanding lighting systems, making it a perfect addition to any landscape! They are fully submersible.
Lights cannot be used without a transformer and remote unit, as the remote receiver unit also functions as an adapter to convert the 4-prong cords into 2-prong cords that are compatible with Anjon transformers.
  • All lights come with tree/deck mount, heart base, and 5" plastic stake
  • All lights feature 60° beam angle and 20' power cord
  • Ignite white lights are warm white 2800K
The New Wifi Controller connects to your lights and synchronizes to a smartphone app! You can make the light display move to a music playlist, or to your microphone. You can even take a picture of a color, and the lights will reproduce the color! A single Standard or Wifi Controller can be connected to multiple lights up to 60 watts total. For greater than sixty watts of lighting use multiple controllers.
  • 5 year warranty on lights (bulbs not included), 2 years if submerged
  • Controllers come with 1 year warranty.
TIP: Wifi controller can be reset by unplugging it from power for 3 seconds, plugging it in for 3 seconds, and repeating this process a total of four times. Then search settings on your phone or devise and wait a couple of minutes for the correct item to pop up on the menu.

SKU Item Accessories Included
3WCC 3W Brass Spotlight None
(Requires transformer and remote)
9W Brass Spotlight
3W Bronze Spotlight
9W Bronze Spotlight
3WCCKIT 3W Brass Spotlight Kit

Standard Remote Controller

9W Brass Spotlight Kit
3W Bronze Spotlight Kit
9W Bronze Spotlight Kit
Standard Remote Controller N/A
Wifi Remote Controller N/A

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