LED Light Kits for Anjon Floating Fountains

Anjon Manufacturing


These Anjon Floating Fountains Light Kits give you everything you need to turn your fountain into a beautiful nighttime display. System turns off during the day to save power. RGB systems include remote control and have countless color options and customizable settings. Take your floating fountain to a whole new level!

  • Includes 3 submersible brass fixtures and mounting brackets
  • Includes photocell, power cables, and transformer
  • 2 year warranty
SKU Kit Description Cord
(3) 1-Watt Warm White LED Brass Lights 100'
(3) 3-Watt Warm White LED Brass Lights 100'
(3) 3-Watt RGB Color-Changing Bronze Lights 100'
3X3WCCFKIT200-BZ 200'
3X9WCCFKIT100-BZ (3) 9-Watt RGB Color-Changing Bronze Lights 100'
3X9WCCFKIT200-BZ 200'
(3) 3-Watt RGB Color-Changing Black Lights 100'
3X3WCCFKIT200-BLK 200'
3X9WCCFKIT100-BLK (3) 9-Watt RGB Color-Changing Black Lights 100'
3X9WCCFKIT200-BLK 200'

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