Anjon Manufacturing 3pc Basalt Set — 24", 32", & 40" Large & Wide Natural Basalts

Anjon Manufacturing


For Local Pickup ONLY in Southeastern PA

Decorative basalts offer a unique and beautiful option to enhance your outdoor living space. Handcrafted from natural volcanic formations, these natural ornaments create unique appeal in your backyard landscape or water feature. They are easy to install and maintain for long-lasting enjoyment.

These large natural basalts feature natural, unprocessed edges for a raw, pure aesthetic.

Component Approximate Dimensions Approximate Weight
24" Basalt 12-16" diameter, 24" height 300 pounds
32" Basalt 12-16" diameter, 32" height 400 pounds
40" Basalt 12-16" diameter, 40" height 480 pounds

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