Anjon Manufacturing LED Light Rings — White or Color-Changing

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The Anjon Manufacturing Ignite LED Light Rings are a perfect accompaniment to a fountain nozzle! White light rings add an air of elegance and sophistication to any fountain display. The addition of a color-changing ring turns an ordinary fountain nozzle into a dazzling spectacle. These light rings are available in white, automatic color-changing, or remote controlled color-changing.

NOTE: Remote-controlled color-changing light ring can be used with Anjon Ignite Color-Changing Lighting accessories, standard remote, and WiFi remote controller only with the addition of an RGBNF-ADP adapter. This is because the LR-24RGB-RC light ring and the Anjon NiteFalls Weir Lights both have 4-wire connections that are smaller than other Ignite lighting.

5 year warranty on lights (bulbs not included), 2 years if submerged.

SKU Description
Dimensions Cord
LR-6-WH 6-LED White Light Ring 1.2" Diameter x 0.75" Height
Inside opening is 0.375" with
1/2" and 3/4" Hose Barbs
LR-48 48-LED White Light Ring


4" Diameter x 1" Height

Inside opening is 2" at top,
2.5" at bottom

LR-48-RBW 48-LED Red/Blue/White Light Ring
LR-48-RGB 48-LED Red/Green/Blue Light Ring
LR-24RGB-RC 24-LED Remote Control
Color-Changing Light Ring
3" Diameter x 1.25" Height
Inside opening is 1.75"

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