Fountain Nozzles for Anjon Little Frog™ Pumps

Anjon Manufacturing

SKU: FT-03

These additional fountain nozzles are available for Anjon Little Frog™ pumps.

SKU UPC Code Compatible Pumps
FT-03 602401466289 LF-170 & LF-250
FT-04 639767014694 LF-350, LF-500, & LF-750
FT-05 639767014700 LF-950 & TP-1350


Note that Little Frog FL-170 and LF-250 pumps do not originally come with fountain nozzles.  The FT-03 nozzles are a separate option available for those pumps that are not included when the pump is purchased.  

The FT-04 and FT-05 nozzles are replacements for the nozzles included with the applicable pumps when they are originally purchased.  

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